Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day like Today makes me Happy

So, I had hoped to get some work done today. I had a list of things that I "had to get done"...tasks to accomplish, projects to finish...but Mother Nature had other plans for me. I pruned some hydrangeas, fertilized the trees and shrubs, finished mulching the flower beds, planted some garlic, and ran into a few BIG bumble bees. Today was simply perfect. Fun morning with the gals, sunny beautiful afternoon to work in the garden, and a lovely moonlit stroll with the boys to end the day.
The bees are a buzzin'.

When we first moved to our home, we planted about 15 phlox plants on the small hillside behind the house, hoping to cover it. Well, the hillside is mostly clay, so only two plants survived, far from covering, but really sweet none-the-less.

Japanese Magnolia blossom.
The Redbud, one of my favs, is just about to flower.

Maybe this weekend it will rain and I can get some work done!

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