Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Sofas

I've been dreaming of new sofas, pining for them...something streamlined and covered in a yummy linen. But I can't have them and THIS is why....


  1. LOVE IT! I can SO TOTALLY feel your pain. We have a matching sofa and love seat (both hideous) in our family room and every single night there's me, a husband, two dogs and two cats on them and it's just not worth getting better furniture when they're covered in people and fuzzy babies constantly! I'd go crazy every time I noticed pet hair, or God forbid, a STAIN on new couches... I'd lose my mind.

    PS: You love Frida too?!?!? Oh man, when we went to Mexico last year i BEGGED everyone to go to the Blue House but it was too out of the way. :( Amy, I love you more now that I know we share the same deep Frida love... :)

  2. They are so worth it....beautiful boys, darling picture!!

  3. oh my gosh amy.

    #1-your puppies are beautiful.

    #2-is that a DENIM COUCH?!?!?! bring it to GAP!!!!

  4. I couldn't luv you more Lindsay!!!!