Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pawley's Island

We decided that a quick trip was just what the doctor ordered, so Saturday morning we headed to Pawley's Island. Just south of Myrtle Beach, the area is a world away in terms of character. Great shops and delicious restaurants are tucked into the dense vegetation of Pawley's mainland. It's relaxed, casual and feels like a coastal hide-away. The Island is filled with beach houses, some even historic: Turn off the main drag toward the marsh. A wide, grassy expanse between the shore and the actual island.
This point of the island has a public beach access.

Rough ocean on one side, especially at the point,

clear and calm on the other. At least on the surface.

Cruisin' the Island.
Spanish Moss, so Southern.
"Pawley's Island Marina & Yacht Club"

Can a Town Hall building be darling? Well, this one certainly fits the bill.
The sweetest little church, dressed for a wedding, that sits directly over the marsh.

On the way home we stopped for a great lunch at Bistro 217...the sweet potato fries were fantastic and as an added bonus, they were very vegetarian friendly.
The End...


  1. looks like a great trip! And I love the blog :-)
    -torey, kerry and hadley

  2. Thank you my dear! It is always refreshing to take a drive.

  3. That jetty is where Ken and I go kayaking up and down the marsh and when I am feeling brave I take my kayak out into the ocean....only to get tipped into the white water and start freaking out!!!

    What are the "fried" patties??? I'll have to try that place....the church....if I had known about when I got married here I think I would have done it there, so beautiful and simple...your pictures are perfection and capture the area so beautifully!!!

  4. Thanks Kiki! The "fried" patties are fried green tomatoes. I LOVE them when they are still a little firm and not soggy. The ones pictured above had a great flavor, but a smidge on the gooey side for my taste. Nice place though. And had a great little shop next door, I can't remember the name, but it had nice candles and some fun silver jewelry. Check it out!