Thursday, April 29, 2010


I know that modern technology makes everything faster and in some respects easier, but there are days when I miss having to look in the dictionary for a spelling, or going to the library for a book, or receiving a handwritten letter, or twirling a long phone cord around myself while talking to my best friend, or even hanging linens on an outdoor line to dry.

I'm not at all suggesting reverting back to a time before electricity. I take full advantage of those modern conveniences...I couldn't get it all done without them.

Maybe it is simply nostalgia, but I really miss some of life's simpler, more time consuming activities. The importance is really in the actual TIME it took to complete a was time, in a sense, to slow down. One had to take more than a second to accomplish something and in those minutes were small moments where your mind could wander...where you could breathe...or even encounter something that you weren't expecting.

Sometimes, OK MOST of the time, technology moves a little too fast for me.


  1. oh girl. i do believe we are cut from the same cloth! i feel EXACTLY the same way! i asked nate if we could have a clothes line in the backyard and he said "but why? we have a DRYER".. sheesh. :)

    i'm loving the phone cord wrapping around you... really cute image in my head!

  2. Oh I know. I'd have a clothes line in about half a second, but the homeowners assoc. won't allow it!

    You are the best!

    PS... be on the lookout! Guess what can back to me!!!