Monday, May 24, 2010

Garage Sale Find

   I am a junker.  I try to hit all the yard/garage/estate/tag sales that I possibly can.  Silly as it may sound, I wait all week for it...the thrill of the hunt I guess.  I almost always find something. 
  This past weekend I found a few pieces of Stangl.  The company was started in New Jersey in 1814 to produce utilitarian items, drain pipes and the like.  Dinnerware began production in the 1920's.  The hand-incised, hand-painted pieces were introduced in the early 1940's and sold all over America.  Stangl enjoyed popularity until the company's doors closed in 1978.  This is a relatively new collectible for me and I don't really need another, but I fell in Love with the thistle pattern (shown above).  I bought a few pieces at the sale, but after some research I regret not buying ALL the pieces.  I know better than to leave anything behind, but I'm on a budget.  Still....            
                (Info from
Golden Harvest pattern

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