Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, we finally got around to painting our bedroom...which really means that I finally convinced the hubby to help me.  We chose a really beautiful earthen grey that changes throughout the day in a very pleasing way.(Sherwin-Williams Morris Room Grey)  And we love the results! 
We've painted many rooms before, but with every job, you learn something new.  Like the fact that paint needs about 3 weeks to cure.  That translates into no wall clean-ups or you are left with a mark.  You might ask...why would you need to clean a freshly painted wall???  Oh I don't know, maybe you have a big black Lab mix who manages to shake his head and throw slobber, aka cooper-glue, all the way to the ceiling!!!  And you aren't willing to listen to the man behind the paint store counter and jail your adorable, spoiled pup in the garage for 3 weeks!  So we have covered the most frequently soiled spots with plastic and furniture.


  1. looks gREYt amy! Get it? great + grey = gREYt! bahahahaha