Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crossin' My Fingers

Crossin' my fingers for a transplant!
Each spring I reassess the yard. If it were up to me, it would just be one huge garden! But the 3 furry children need some room too. Despite the small yard already, I decided to enlarge the even smaller veggie garden. We went behind the fence to accommodate two squash plants... which, if you have never planted before, grow to be HUGE!!

Then I thought that another garden bed inside the fence would be lovely. Now I thought this, not the hubby...who went along, but rather reluctantly. He also nixed my no grass/all garden dream. You can see why below! Look at the state of that grass. Pathetic! But notice the amazingly tall Iris behind one of the boys! I digress... I have a sad little dwarf Crepe Myrtle (seen in the middle of the bed pics) that had been stunted by the growth of its neighbor, this giant Fontinia. (The Crepe Myrtle used to live in the spot just under this giant!) Compare it to the other Crepe Myrtle, of the same age, planted in a different location. So it has a new home, but I had to thwack some pretty major roots to move it. So send it some good regrowth vibes. I also hope that the rather expensive Crinum Lily bulbs come into their own. At the moment the whole thing looks rather small and silly. But the hubby assures me that things will grow fast, fill out, and I will/better be happy with the new addition...because apparently it is the last garden bed we are digging in this yard. Really!?! Until next year? P.S. If you are wondering about the need for the tacky green wire are two of the three reasons.

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