Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First ROSE of the Season

I love roses, even though they are rather problematic here in the South. Especially for a gardener who is trying to be green! So many bugs and mildews and such. Despite the trickiness, I grow a few anyway. Here is one of the first this year...a wonderfully fragrant bloom, that now lives in a vase next to my bed. When we started in this garden, I had planted about 15 roses. All but two failed miserably! The rest were dug up and disposed of...at least I thought so. Mysteriously last year, a random rose appeared. Now I had removed the roses a few years before, so my guess is that a remnant of a root remained. It is now growing like mad! As it didn't flower before, I am curious to see what color rose appears. Often two different roses are grafted together, so the roses grown from this root will be a fun surprise.

1 comment:

  1. what a lovely surprise!!! do you know the name of this rose? my mom always grew tons of rose bushes and i always LOVED the names of them... like 'american beauty' and 'deep secret' and 'joseph's coat'... aren't they great?!