Saturday, May 15, 2010


So, remember the 8.00 chair I found a few weeks ago...well, it has had a makeover. I actually LOVED the wood tone, but the previous owner must have doused the thing with Restore-a-finish. When placed in the sun, the stain oozed out of the grain. And no matter how much I buffed it, the cloth would end up stained. So instead of owning a chair that I would be unable to sit in or brush past, I decided to paint it! And since I do love the old and crumbly, I antiqued it as well.

Now I know the color, or lack there of, may not thrill you...but in my fabric stash, I found a yummy Italian linen Schumacher sample that I wanted to use. So, I opted for a tone-on-tone look. I think I will add a comfy seat cushion in the same linen. Overall, I am pleased. (Hadn't screwed in the seat for the photo shoot, so pardon the gap.) There always seems to be something that I'd do a little differently, I'll save that thought for the next project.

It will live in a soon-to-be-painted darker gray bedroom. So it won't be quite as blahhhhh when in it's habitat!


  1. It's beautiful! I love it!!!

  2. lovely! dude. i sure i wish i had some of your skills! you have such an eye for things... i am in love with your style. :)